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Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

Air, it's better to exclude dirt than try and remove it later

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Hi Air,

In your last hydraulic maintenance email, I wrote about what
I consider to be THE most important component of every
hydraulic system - the oil, and the importance of
taking care of it.

One of these is to control contamination. Studies have shown
that it costs 10 times more to extract contaminants
from hydraulic fluid than it does to exclude them
in the first place.

Three common points of contaminant ingression are:

1. Reservoir breather.

Standard filler-cap breathers fitted to the majority of hydraulic
reservoirs are not effective in preventing ingression of airborne
contaminants. All air entering the reservoir should be adequately
filtered. In damp environments (e.g. marine applications, tropical
climates) desiccant breathers are essential to prevent the
ingression of airborne moisture.

2. Cylinders.

Worn or damaged rod-wiper seals and pitted or gouged cylinder rods
give dust and other contaminants an easy path into the system.
Fitting rod protectors (bellows) to cylinders operating in abrasive
or corrosive environments can extend rod and wiper seal life and
provides an extra barrier to the ingression of contaminants via
the cylinder rod.

3. Plumbing.

Where fluid leaks out, contamination can get in. The immediate
rectification of hydraulic system leaks not only minimizes the
cost of clean-up, disposal and replacement fluid, it also saves
the hidden cost of removing ingested contaminants.

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