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Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010

Air, some important truths about hydraulic hose and fittings

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Hello again Air,

In your last hydraulic maintenance email, I wrote about
the tangible, bottom-line benefits of maintaining hydraulic
plumbing to eliminate leaks.

Ideally, this begins with connector selection.
NPT is the least reliable type of connector for high-pressure
hydraulic systems because the thread itself provides a leak path.
The threads are deformed when tightened and as a result, any
subsequent loosening or tightening increases the potential for

Replacing pipe thread connections with soft seal connections
such as UNO or BSPP greatly improves 'no-leak' reliability.

In the case of hoses, manufacturers estimate that
80% of hose failures are attributable to external physical damage
through stretching, kinking, crushing or abrasion of the hose.

To prevent hose damage, ensure all clamps are kept secure,
pay careful attention to routing whenever a replacement hose
is installed and if necessary, apply inexpensive
polyethylene spiral wrap to protect hoses from abrasion.

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