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Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Air, the most important component of every hydraulic system

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Hello again Air,

Here's four quick tips for you to get the most
out of THE most important component
of every hydraulic system - the oil:

1. Don't change the oil - filter it.

Water or particle contamination rarely necessitates an oil change
- unless the contamination has resulted in additive depletion or
base oil degradation. These contaminants can be removed from
hydraulic fluid by filtration.

2. Eliminate particle contamination to reduce breakdowns...

Research has shown that maintaining fluid cleanliness at ISO 4406
16/14/11 will result in a tenfold increase in the average time
between breakdowns when compared with a fluid cleanliness level
of 24/22/19. This is based on the findings of a three-year study of
117 mobile and industrial hydraulic machines to determine the
correlation between fluid cleanliness and breakdown frequency.

3. ...And extend fluid life.

Particle contamination reduces the service life of hydraulic oil
by stripping additives and promoting oxidation. Additives attach
to particles, which are then removed by the filters or settle to
the bottom of the reservoir. Wear metal caused by particle
abrasion is a catalyst for fluid oxidation.

4. Keep it cool.

Elevated operating temperatures increase the rate at which the
oil oxidizes and this decreases its service life. By-products
of the oil oxidation process - varnish and sludge, can cause
reliability issues such as valve spool stiction and
filter clogging.

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