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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Heavy Duty Air Impact

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Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench RB-1985 Description:
Square drive:1"
Free Speed: 3000RPM
Max Torque: 4600N-M
Air lnlet:1/2"NPT
Net Weight: 41.8lbs/19KG
Pin-less mechanism for longer tool life.
Build-in reverse lever and 3-position power regulator
Composed with durable and heavy duty material components.
Removable side handle provides excellent control with comforts.
Ideal for high volume repair works on trucks, tyres and heavy equipment

ProductName:Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench
Model No:Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench RB-1985
Product Origin:China
Brand Name:ShanDian Pneumatic Tools