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Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Milton Air Filter Regulator with Metal Bowl — 1/2in. NPT Inlet, Model 1108

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"The product was used on a multi -air hose system application for a professional car shop and has performed as stated with no complications. I would recommend this product to anyone with need of a filter on air hose compressors."
What is your level of technical expertise? Professional

Factory-assembled 1/2in. NPT FR duo air filter regulator has 0–160 PSI gauge with metal bowl and a 5–125 PSI regulator. Automatic overnight drain. U.S.A.

 What is the throughput of the filter and regulator (SFCM)? : The filter regular is rated for up to 100 CFM and 160 PSI.
will this work with a 160# compresser?  : Yes, this unit is designed to handle input pressure of up to 160 PSI.
Does this contain a placable filter element? : Yes, this item does include a replaceable filter element.