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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Bosch Tools Service Center Locator

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Service Center Locator 

Bosch Tools offers a number of locations throughout the US and Canada where you can have your tool serviced. In the U.S. you can send your tool to the appropriate Bosch National Repair Center below.
To locate a local Bosch Service Center, click on the correct product group icon below, enter your U.S. Zip or Canada Postal Code and experience the industry's most responsive and reliable service.
Bosch National Repair Centers
Power Tools – Electric or Cordless
Construction Air Tools - Nailers & Electric only Compressors
Measuring Tools – Survey & Optical
Laser Layout Tools
Detection and Locator Tools
Bosch Factory Service Center
173 Lawrence 428 Dock #2
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476
View Map
Bosch Factory Service Center
255 W. Fleming Street
Watseka, IL 60970
View Map
For Gasoline Compressor repair,
click on icon labeled Compressors, Gasoline.

Need A Product Serviced Outside of the U.S. or Canada?
Click here for locations outside the U.S. and Canada. http://www.boschtools.com/Service/ServiceCenterLocator/Documents/Non%20US%20Locations.pdf

How to find the nearest Bosch Service location:
1. Select appropriate product group below that your tool aligns with
2. Enter a zip/postal code or address
3. Select a Search Radius between 5 and 100 miles and click Enter