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Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Air, threat or opportunity?

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A couple of months ago, I was flying home
from a business trip and happened to be seated
next to the national sales manager for
Eaton/Vickers Hydraulics.

During the course of our conversation I learnt
that Eaton now has over 300 engineers at their
facility in Pune, India. And this facility is
rapidly becoming Eaton's global technical center.

My initial reaction to this was "WOW", but
upon reflection this is not surprising at all.
It's totally consistent with the current
decay of engineering in the western world.

According to a report in the
International Fluid Power Society newsletter:

- Less than 6 percent of high school seniors in the US
plan to pursue engineering degrees.
This is down 36 percent from ten years ago.

- In 2000, 56 percent of China's undergraduate degrees
were in the hard sciences.
In the US the figure was 17 percent.

- In 2007, China produced six times more engineers
than the US. While Japan, with half the population of
the USA, has produced double the engineers in recent years.

- If these trends continue, 90 percent of the world's engineers
will be living in Asia by the end of 2012.

It gets worse when it comes to hydraulics.
The same study found 95 percent of all mechanical engineering
grads in the US have not been exposed to hydraulics.

And the situation is similar in most other parts of the world,
at both degree AND trade level.

So is this a threat or an opportunity?

I say it's both. If you're someone who hires
hydraulics expertise - it's gonna get harder to find.
And the law of supply and demand suggests
you'll pay more for it.

If you're a mechanic, fitter, technician or engineer
it's an opportunity:

Pursue hydraulics as a specialization and you'll have
as much work and as many job options as you can handle.

But how DO you get an education in hydraulics?
The same way most of us have.

When asked how they acquired their hydraulics knowledge,
61 percent of respondents to a survey published in
'Hydraulics and Pneumatics' magazine
indicated it was through self-directed learning.

And 'Hydraulics Made Easy' was designed
with self-directed learning in mind:


Remember, the knowledge you'll acquire from this information
will make you extremely valuable in the market place -
because of its scarcity.

So get it today, while it's on special.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey


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