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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Paslode's Cordless Roofing Nailer CR175C

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http://www.toologics.com/images/stories/april2009/Paslode_CR175C_roofing.jpgCordless Roofing Nailer CR173C. Over the years, a cordless roofing nailer topped the wish-list of Paslode’s customers. The big problem was advancing the nails so Paslode came up with a proprietary design that allows the exhaust gases to handle this. Paslode’s cordless roofing nailer is a great tool for roof repairs, doing vents, dormers, etc. When I first introduced my brother Joe, owner of American Builders in Buffalo, NY to Paslode’s cordless framing nailer CF325, he said liked it and would probably use it “once in awhile”. A year later, he’s informed me that he barely pulls out his compressor anymore, he loves his cordless Paslode nailer so much. I’m sure he’ll love Paslode’s new cordless roofing nailer CR175C just as much.
Paslode’s cordless roofing nailer CR175C is just as easy and convenient to use as their cordless framing nailer CF325. The CR175C roofer drives two nails per second and holds 120 nails per coil. Like other fuel powered cordless tools, the Paslode roofing nailer drives nails sequentially by pushing the tool down and then pulling the trigger. It is faster than hand nailing and is perfect for a wide range of roof-related remodeling jobs, including roofing dormers and small additions, installing skylights, or working on garages and storage buildings.