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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Air, will your hydraulic equipment let you down in 2011?

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Happy New Year Air,

If you're like me, you're probably starting to think about
what lies in store for you this year.

So here's a question for you:

Will your hydraulic equipment let you down in 2011?

Maybe. You see, just like all other mechanical equipment,
your hydraulics can give trouble at any time.
And when it does, you need the right expertise.

Problem is ...

Good help is hard to find.

But now YOU CAN have a hydraulics expert at your beck and call -
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - and for peanuts.
His name is Peter Rohner. And he's a hydraulics engineer with
42 years of experience. Experience that can SAVE you a bundle.

Take, as an example, seal failure in hydraulic cylinders.
Do you know up to 25 percent of cylinder rod-seal failures
are caused by bent rods?

There are a few basic reasons why cylinder rods bend.
Peter Rohner shows you how to determine
the underlying cause and the ways to correct it
on pages 58 and 59 of his hydraulics book.

During his 26 years as a University lecturer, thousands of people
gained from Rohner's knowledge. And through his books on
hydraulics, pneumatics and PLCs, tens of thousands more
have profited from his expertise. You will too.

Now in its fourth edition and with 28,214 copies in print,
Rohner's hydraulics book is possibly THE most popular
hydraulics manual on the planet.

AND it's full of practical information every
hydraulic equipment owner ought to know ...
that most mechanics DON'T.

So make a New Years resolution
to appoint Peter Rohner as your hydraulics advisor
and get a copy of his hydraulics book today.

It could turn out to be the most valuable resolution you make.


Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey


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