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Selasa, 30 November 2010

How to set-up a HST hot-oil purge valve

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I'm currently embroiled in a rather nasty dispute
regarding the failure of a large (and expensive)
hydrostatic transmission.

Failure analysis is conclusive; the evidence crystal clear:
the transmission was cooked.

The cause of failure is not in dispute.
What is in dispute is who carries the can.

The blame game.

And when there's significant amounts of dinero involved,
all parties start ducking for cover.

Like many failures, the end came about as a result
of a sequence of error and omission. But there's
always one act or omission that sets off the chain of events.

There's always a first domino to fall.

And in this case, the 'first domino' was
the commissioning technician's failure
to set-up the transmission's purge valve correctly.

Like a lot of things in hydraulics, it's not rocket science.
But you gotta KNOW how to do it. AND you gotta do it.

So I made a two-minute video which explains the correct set-up,
and posted it on YouTube:


80% of the videos on YouTube never get more than 2,500 views.
But this one's had 4,602 views, which puts it in the top 20%.
In other words, 'The People' have decided
it is worth two minutes of your time, Air.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey


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