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Rabu, 03 November 2010

Air, how to nail hydraulic system overheating problems

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Hello again Air,

In your last hydraulic maintenance email,
we discussed what causes a hydraulic system
to overheat.

Today I want to explain a technique that is
very useful when you're troubleshooting a system
that's overheating.

This technique involves using an infrared thermometer -
sometimes called a heat gun, to measure the oil's
temperature drop across the heat exchanger.

The heat rejection of the exchanger can then be
calculated and when this is expressed as a percentage
of input power, it will reveal whether the problem
is in the cooling circuit or elsewhere in the system.

The exact procedure for doing this is explained
in detail on page 21 of 'Preventing Hydraulic Failures'.

Installed cooling capacity typically ranges between 25 and 40
percent of input power. So if a system has a continuous input
power of 100 kilowatts and the exchanger is dissipating 26
kilowatts of heat, this means the efficiency of the system
has fallen below 74 percent. If the system is overheating,
this is a good indication that there is abnormal heat load
somewhere in the system.

On the other hand, if a system has a continuous input power
of 100 kilowatts and the exchanger is dissipating 10 kilowatts
of heat and the system is overheating, this means that there's
a problem somewhere in the cooling circuit or the system does
not have enough installed cooling capacity.

In your next hydraulic maintenance email in a few days time,
I'll explain how to locate this abnormal heat load.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey
Author of 'Preventing Hydraulic Failures'

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