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Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Air, multiple skill-sets required

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The hydraulics trade or profession is a big umbrella
over the top of a collection of different skill-sets
that have to be developed or acquired.

You need to know how it works - from simple 'bang bang'
circuits to increasingly complex variable-pump and
proportional control - so you can accurately identify
and correct problems without unnecessary component change-outs
that result from guessing.

You need to know how to use and apply an array of
diagnostic tests and tools: flow meter; heat gun;
the latest computer simulation tools and
everything else in between.

You need to know how to create and maintain
operating parameters which optimize machine productivity,
maximize reliability and reduce downtime.

You need to know how to minimize component repair
and replacement costs.

You need to know when a dollar spent on preventative
or proactive maintenance is a dollar well spent
and when it isn't. And how to determine the difference.

You need to know how to squeeze the most out of oil,
filters and other consumables.

And then of course, you need to keep all this know-how
up-to-date with the latest advances in technology.

In short, hydraulics is not a simple, single skill-set craft.
Hardly any specialization is that simple, but a number of
trades or professions can be much simpler.

People enjoying high 5-figure and 6-figure incomes
as hydraulics specialists have developed a broad range
of skills, are continually learning and improving their skills,
and invest significant sums of money in on-going skill development.

The inconvenient truth is that this craft is NOT for everybody;
and it is definitely the wrong field
for the intellectually lazy individual.

But for anyone willing to step up to the plate,
an interesting and well-paid career is their reward.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge

Brendan Casey

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