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Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Texas Pneumatic Tool Highlights

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Texas Pneumatic is celebrating its 30th year in business. Our dedication to quality tools and parts, value pricing and fastest response time help to separate us from the competition.

 and Chisel Scaler
Current Highlights
We offer 6, 8, and 11 inch stroke rivet busters with a safety bridge to keep the piston in the tool even with the retainer removed. These tools can be purchased with either a “D” style handle that has an inside trigger or a goose neck handle with outside trigger.
We now have two sizes of jet fans to choose from. The industry leading 20 inch and the new 24 inch units offer the highest flow rates and best quality on the market.
Keeping your air tools well lubricated will help you reduce repair and maintenance costs. Texas Pneumatic has four sizes for straight lubrication, two sizes of filter/lubricator combinations for particulate removal, and two sizes of constant feed lubricators. We also have many standard hose whip combinations that include these lubricators or we can custom make hose whips to your specification.
Do you have a customer that needs a custom chisel?
Let us try to produce it with our in-house forging department.
Do you have a current catalog showing all of our new products?
Please tell your customer service representative to include one with your next order.
Do you have a need for portable compressed air distribution?
We have four sizes of manifolds to fit your needs, and any of them can be configured with your specific air connectors.