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Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

Finish sanding refined

/ On : 09.41/ Thank you for visiting my small blog here. If you wanted to discuss or have the question around this article, please contact me e-mail at mozabani@yahoo.com
http://www.etoolsnow.com/images%5Ccustompages%5C0c768dfd-c7b929267845LEX2%206%20INCH%20AIR%20TOOL.jpg When it comes to large surface sanding, bigger is better. The LEX 2 185/7 is big all over; big pad, big stroke, big power, and big on longevity. The compressed air family of sanders are our longest lasting sanders with vane motors and few wear parts. At the end of the day, that adds up to a lot of dust. Thankfully, the CT 33 dust extractor (with the Festool-designed compressed air tool system), the Jetstream pad, and the IAS 2 hose can capture the dust and contain it. We would be happy to assist you with your air sanding needs using the Festool air sanders and dust extractor system. Please call our 800 number on the front page for pricing and a model overview of all 3 air sanders available from Festool.