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Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Hilti Tool Fleet Management - An innovative tool management system

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We'll manage your tools so you can manage your business.

For a fixed monthly fee, Hilti provides you with a new fleet of tools.

During the usage time, there is only one monthly invoice for all your tools that covers absolutely all costs (including repair). Plus -- at the end of the usage period -- your fleet will be renewed with the latest generation of Hilti tools. Based on your needs, you select the type and quantity of tools.

Your benefits from Hilti Tool Fleet Management:

Full transparency & reliability
  • Instant access to your complete tool inventory

  • Easy accounting and cost allocation

  • All tools labeled with your company logo plus inventory code / job reference possible.

  • Exclusive Internet portal to track your tool fleet, order tools and consumables and arrange tool repair pick-ups
Reduce overall spend on tools
  • Less administration for managing your tools (i.e. sourcing, purchasing, repairing, etc.)

  • Modern tool fleet ensuring peak performance of tool and employee

  • Customize your fleet to meet all your needs

  • Preserve capital -- monthly expense payments instead of upfront investment
Maximum productivity
  • New tool fleet ensures you the latest innovation and technology

  • Modern tools reduce down-time and increase safety and morale

  • of your employees

  • Priority repair service and tool always returned to the Hilti performance and safety standard

  • The Hilti Theft Protection System (TPS) as standard on selected models

Do you see any of the following issues in your company?

  • You pay too much for repairs and maintenance

  • You spend too much of your time with administration

  • You have no transparency on your total tool cost

  • Your productivity is impacted by tool break-downs
Then Hilti Tool Fleet Management is the right solution for you!